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Looking to leave California?  There are many reasons to move out of California.  Many people have been considering moving to Washington State.  Located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington is the 18th largest and the 13th most populous state that is home to about 7.4 million people. Its state capital is Olympia and its largest city is Seattle, one of the country’s most progressive cities.

Also called the Evergreen State, Washington has a lot to offer with its vast terrain and coastline, high employment rates, and rich agricultural sector. And we list several more reasons why moving to Washington State may be good for you!

1. Abundant Coastline

Washington has approximately 2,500 miles of marine shoreline. Lake Washington, which is considered the second largest lake in the state, surrounds Mercer Island and is situated next to Seattle. The lake is also the main site for the costly waterfront real estate.

Washington’s growing shipping industry is surrounded with major ports and numerous islands. Its transportation system is mostly made up of government-operated ferries, which is regarded as an essential part of Washington’s water industry. The state is also the center for businesses and jobs that are near marine and freshwater locations. Diverse housing options and costs for waterfront properties outside Seattle also exists from Bellingham near the Canadian border, and down to the Oregon coastline.

2.  Vibrant & Diverse Job Market

Washington is home to some of the nation’s and world’s biggest companies. Microsoft, Google and Amazon have multiple offices here and collectively employ over 100,000 people just on their own.  And they aren’t the region’s biggest employers.

If you’re not interested in tech or working for a multi-national corporation, there’s plenty of other options. Boeing employes 70,000 people in the area.  The military also has a massive presence in Washington at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, which is south of Tacoma. JBLM employs 56,000 people. You don’t need to enlist to get involved: there are plenty of civilian jobs both on and off-base.

Seattle is also considered the main site of Alaska Airlines and Starbucks, one of the leading coffee shops in the world. These two companies offer blue-collar and professional jobs to the state’s citizens. The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area is also regarded as the center of employment and business in the state.

3. Support for The Arts

Washington has a wide range of creative artists and competent developers, architects, designers, and engineers. Creativity is an aspect that the state itself values and appreciates, and it can be obviously seen through the old and modern structures that it has. The Seattle Central Public Library is one of its modern buildings. Aside from this, the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library is located in the heart of a retro Streamline Modern Building, which later on became a Dodge dealership in Seattle.

Mt Rainier Washington

4. Diverse Outdoor Activities

There is so much to do in the state of Washington that you won’t get bored.  Washington is known for its floating bridges and national parks. Washington has three known national parks within its premises namely, Mount Rainier, Olympic, and North Cascades.

Washington is also a haven for people who love the outdoors. Hikers go up Mount Rainier, which is around 14,410 feet and located 65 miles southeast of Seattle. Those who are fond of water sports such as fishing, kayaking, sailing, or pleasure boating, as well as whale watching, consider the abundant water supply as an instant source of leisure during the summer. The highly elevated areas in the state also provide snow skiing opportunities during the winter.

Washington, being the “Evergreen State,” is known for its multiple, spectacular landscapes such as forests, coastlines, mountains, and meadows. Its rugged mountains are filled with verdant forests and its pastoral farmlands are home to numerous forms of shrubs and vegetation. The amazing skyline and the fall hues of the Wenatchee River is simply breathtaking. The Skagit Valley Spring is also one of the most relaxing places to go to in Washington. Moreover, the majesty of Mount Hood is truly incomparable. Nature is truly at its finest in Washington, and this is also one of the many reasons why most fishermen, hunters, hikers, and sailors decide to move in to the state.

5. No State Income Tax

Among seven states in the U.S., Washington is one of those that has no state income tax. Nevertheless, the local governments of Washington may collect a local option sales tax up to a maximum of 3.1%. It also has a 6.5% state sales tax.

university of washington

6. Excellent Academic Opportunities

Washington is home to a diverse population of two-year and four-year academic institutions. Most of the state’s two-year colleges are considered open-access institutions. By 2015, the state legislature was able to pass on the decree for tuition reduction at public four-year colleges and universities by approximately 15% to 20%. At that time, it was the only state in the country that promoted a high decrease in tuition and other fees in academic institutions.

Seattle’s University of Washington, with a population of about 44,000 students, is considered the state’s center for advance research. Washington State University, having a population of more than 27,000 students, is also another research institution.

7. Various Housing Options

There are numerous areas in Washington that offer cost-efficient housing options. One alternative is the Kitsap Country in the Seattle metro. It’s a short ferry ride adjacent to the Puget Sound. Spokane is another option to consider since it is located at the eastern region of the state. Spokane also houses the Gonzaga University, one of the most popular universities in the state. Affordable housing options and waterfront properties can also be found in the Tacoma area. The state capital, Olympia, also has below the state average single-family housing opportunities. Other cost-efficient housing options in Washington can be found in the Tri-Cities namely, Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland.


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